• OpenAI Revolt Explained

    OpenAI Revolt Explained

    “The Entire OpenAI Chaos Explained”, discusses the recent firing and subsequent reappointment of Sam Altman as the CEO of Open AI. Altman’s firing resulted in an internal revolt from employees and revealed a major scandal in the tech and AI industry. The video explores various theories as to why Altman was terminated, including disputes with the board…

  • Which Airlines Carried the Most Passengers

    Which Airlines Carried the Most Passengers

    Of the 3 billion passengers who took a flight last year, more than half flew on one of the big players in the industry.  At the top of the list, American Airlines flew nearly 200 million passengers in 2022. The airline’s most popular route was between Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) and Los Angeles (LAX), operating more than 30…

  • OpenAI Mutiny

    OpenAI Mutiny

    Microsoft seems to have bankrupted OpenAI in less than two days. If that is the case, their 13B investment will be written down however it seems investors have increased MSFT market cap by 70B today.

  • America’s Largest Private Companies

    America’s Largest Private Companies


  • Gundlach’s 2024 Predictions

    Gundlach’s 2024 Predictions

    Jeffrey Gundlach discusses the most surprising things he observed in 2023. He was surprised by the continuation of the market’s momentum in consumer spending despite the high interest rates on credit cards. He also commented on the surprising drop in the commodity price complex, including the issue with the Mid-East oil and the slowing global…

  • CPI and PPI Market Reactions

    CPI and PPI Market Reactions

    Some excellent analysis by Russell Rhoads https://russellrhoads.substack.com/p/cpi-ppi-plus-big-box-retail-earnings

  • Real GDP Growth

    Real GDP Growth


  • Ben Mallah

    Ben Mallah

  • Hot Air

    Hot Air

    Guy who is down big wants the public (who is broke) to buy more stock. Check out his portfolio at https://whalewisdom.com/filer/altimeter-capital-management-llc

  • $157B Cash Pile

    $157B Cash Pile

    Despite holding back during the pandemic, Berkshire Hathaway has started returning to the market with key transactions, such as Occidental Petroleum and Alleghany insurance. However, the cash pile has been showing up in short-term or short-dated securities, and the company has also continued to put more money into buybacks, resulting in a large share repurchase…

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