• BRK Income Sources

    BRK Income Sources

  • NVDA vs Countries

    NVDA vs Countries

  • Russia’s Plans

    Russia’s Plans

    General Richard Shirreff, a retired British military commander and former second-in-command at NATO, discusses his early warnings about Russian expansion and the potential threat it poses to European nations. He published a book in 2016 titled “War with Russia,” which depicted Russia invading the Baltics, and recounts the skepticism he faced when the book was…

  • Manufacturing Slowdown?

    Manufacturing Slowdown?

    A notably conservative panel Kevin O’Leary, Kevin Hassett, and John Carney discuss inflation, bank failures and credit card delinquencies. They attribute seasonal issues and the possibility of trend reversal to these issues, but note ongoing struggles like a capex slowdown and small business borrowing challenges. They also discuss rising credit card and automobile loan delinquencies…

  • Big Oops!

    Big Oops!

    Lyft CEO Logan Green acknowledged a clerical error in a press release that led to a major surge in the company’s stock price, with shares increasing as much as 67 percent in after-hours trading. Green emphasized the financially strong quarter Lyft had experienced but expressed regret for the unacceptable error. He assured listeners that the CFO’s…

  • 7 Trillion Dollars?

    7 Trillion Dollars?

    *Like we noted on our post from June 23, Sam is turning into a Bond villain.* Who would be the better Bond villain Elon or Sam?

  • Magnificent PEG Prices

    Magnificent PEG Prices

  • Forever Wars?

    Forever Wars?

  • Apple AR Headset

    Apple AR Headset

    In the “Apple Vision Pro Review” YouTube video, Marques Brownlee expresses his excitement about the new Apple VR headset, despite its limitations, due to its novelty and potential future implications as a first-generation product from Apple with the “Pro” label. He praises the impressive micro OLED display, high refresh rate, and accurate calibration, but acknowledges the…

  • Short & Co.

    Short & Co.

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