• Fed Cuts?

    Fed Cuts?

  • Class of 2024

    Class of 2024

    This is up there with Steve Jobs’s Stanford speech….Bravo Roger and Dartmouth. Well worth anyone’s 25 minutes.

  • Livermore the Legend

    Livermore the Legend

  • Whale Family Office

    The rise and fall of Bill Hwang, the man behind Archegos Capital Management, Hwang, initially an immigrant from South Korea, built a 20B fortune through his hedge fund and family office, only to lose it all when a stock sale triggered a margin call and exposed his excessive borrowing.

  • Dark Pools vs Lit Trading

    Dark Pools vs Lit Trading

    Dark pools, around since the 90s, are legal and regulated, but trades are kept hidden until after execution. They have grown in popularity, capturing 40% of US market share in 2021, and are used by hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, and brokers. Dark pools offer anonymity and potential additional liquidity, but lack of transparency…

  • Trade War 2?

    Trade War 2?

  • How does the consumer feel?

    How does the consumer feel?

  • Turning 1M into 1B

    Turning 1M into 1B

    “Turning $1M Into $1B+: A Masterclass From The Indian Warren Buffet”. Mohnish shares various insights from his experiences and encounters with Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. One of these experiences involved winning a lunch with Buffet but having a friend who couldn’t pay, leading to a meeting with Munger instead. The speaker developed a deep…

  • Drone War(s)?

    Drone War(s)?

    Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus and Anduril Industries, expresses his desire to bring Silicon Valley innovation to the Pentagon and modernize the US defense industry. He criticizes the outdated technology in the military and aims to take a slice of the Pentagon’s $850 billion budget with his new defense company. Luckey, who grew up in…

  • Teacher, Codebreaker, and Quant King

    Teacher, Codebreaker, and Quant King

     Jim Simons, the founder of Renaissance Technologies, is remembered for his pioneering work in quantitative investing, earning him the nickname “Quant King”. He is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in education and mathematics, having founded a large foundation and supported other organizations, including a program to teach mathematics in grade schools and autism…

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