• Howard Marks on Clarity

    Howard Marks on Clarity

    Howard Marks is praised for his ability to make complex ideas simple and clear in his writing. Marks, who believes in the role of luck in his success as an investor, shares his approach to sharing his investing secrets through clear memos. He emphasizes the importance of clarity and simplicity in communication, using common language, connection with…

  • Iran, Israel, and Missile Defense

    Iran, Israel, and Missile Defense

  • “Fool Me Once…”

    “Fool Me Once…”

    Interesting how opinions change when their candidate isn’t in office. Former White House adviser Jason Furman on inflation and interest rate hikes.

  • The Two Trillion Dollar Question

    The Two Trillion Dollar Question

  • JPMORGAN Outlook  Q2

    JPMORGAN Outlook Q2

    Via their Q2 update: https://am.jpmorgan.com/us/en/asset-management/adv/insights/market-insights/guide-to-the-markets

  • Siegel is a Bull

    Siegel is a Bull

    Professor Jeremy Siegel expresses optimism about the economy’s strength, despite high interest rates. The Atlanta Fed’s revised GDP estimate for the first quarter surpassing 2% is an indicator of a healthier economy. While some sectors, such as tech, may be overvalued, the majority of the market is reasonably priced at around 17 times forward earnings.…

  • Container Crash

    Container Crash

    Mike Brady from Ocean Liner Designs discusses the collision between a ship, MV Dali, and the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. The bridge, which is a steel truss bridge spanning over a kilometer, has a narrow entrance leading to the port, making safe navigation a critical issue. The MV Dali, a large cargo ship, altered…

  • Lessons From the Best

    Lessons From the Best

    Jack Schwager, author of “Market Wizards,” discusses his advice for aspiring traders in a series of YouTube interviews. He emphasizes the importance of risk management, setting stop losses, and being objective when making decisions to exit a trade. He also discusses Bruce Kovner, Michael Marcus, compares fundamental and technical trading, and indexes like the Magnificent…

  • How Deep is the “Deep State”

    How Deep is the “Deep State”

    The origins of the CIA can be traced back to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II, which embraced unconventional tactics to maintain national security. After the war, concerns over resource allocation and civil liberties led to the dismantling of spy agencies. However, with the growing tensions between the United States and…

  • France vs Russia (in Africa)

    France vs Russia (in Africa)

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